The bride kidnapping culture in Kyrgyzstan

The bride kidnapping culture in Kyrgyzstan.

Recently I came across this documentary on the culture of Kyrgyzstan. It completely blew my mind. This country has a crazy tradition where the men with the help of their friends and family, kidnap the woman they like. Thereafter the mother of the man tries to convince the girl to give in and get married to their son.

If she says yes well and good, otherwise she is forcefully married off.

Even though Kyrgyzstan toughened the laws against bride kidnapping in 2013 it still witnesses one kidnapping every 30 minutes. Most of the victims choose not to report and thus most of the incidents go unnoticed.

Due to the evil nature of the abduction which includes physical and mental torture, most of the women find it difficult to overcome the trauma and ultimately end their lives. Several suicides have been reported after(due to) the kidnappings.This lady is one of the many people who lost their daughters to this crazy culture.

My heart goes out to the women of this country for constantly living with the fear of getting kidnapped.

I hope the government succeeds in demolishing this absurd tradition.

Nisha Bhandari

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