The dark truth: Fake gurus and how they make millions selling dreams

Why is it so easy to make money selling dreams?

The world is filled with fake gurus selling dreams and earning millions by selling courses that give you false hope and will leave you feeling disappointed and hopeless.

Why are people so easily fooled by these fake gurus? How do they sell dreams?

A lot of my work involves creating educational content. I write a lot on my blog and only get traffic from the US. I also get more traffic when I write about money and dreams.

The followers I have on Instagram don’t respond well when I post something educational.

Now I post my travel images and content. As a result, I am getting more engagement now.

Many people ignore my posts when I share something I write, but they like my posts when I post my photos.

Rather than learning, they enjoy seeing what they dream about.

Dreams are easy to sell because of this.

Fake gurus create ads showing off their net worth, their car, their money, their luxury lifestyle, and their travels, and people believe they can replicate those things by buying their courses.

However, most people overlook the fact that even fake gurus make their money by selling courses and selling dreams.

You shouldn’t purchase these courses; instead, you should focus on learning skills. Getting courses from YouTube, Skillshare, Udemy, etc., is the best option if you really need courses. Just by using Google, YouTube, and blogs, you can learn a lot.

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Beware of courses that claim you will become a billionaire if you purchase them.

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