180 days on the ROAD – How far have I come? – Kavya Saxena

What is it?

#kavyaonquest Is a pure self-funded overlanding journey, with my motorsports experience I’m able to manage an S11 Mahindra Scorpio, repair it whenever need be.


We keep talking of Incredible India and I realized that a chunk of millennials rush to Himalayas / Leh / Ladakh whereas 60 % of this incredible India is rural which is considered inaccessible/unhygienic/unsafe.


I decided to make crafts as a medium to showcase the villages in most raw form unguided/ without sponsored hotels all by myself .

How far I have come?

The journey began on 2nd Oct’20 from Delhi to Benares to Calcutta. In October I covered the entire West Bengal every little district you see on its map Moving to Sunderbans then Majuli. In Nov mid I moved to Arunachal via Assam and for the next two months, I covered Arunachal and Bahaland again every little village in both the states then rushing through the entire North East Region. I came back to Assam to document it in detail including the Kaziranga belt, home to the Karbi Anglong tribe. Currently, the journey is traversing through Odisha, one of the most rewarding states in terms of untapped destinations.


I’m a one-man army driver/ navigator/ shoot / upload. Currently, I’m documenting the journey massively on my Instagram @crazyfeetkavya. But I plan to make an e-resource of this entire journey hopefully. I also decided to slow travel to every little village so it was like 1 state – 1 month.

Where does it go?

I need the help of this forum, the journey will now move to Chattisgarh and I’ll be covering the entire belt from Raipur down south to Jagdalpur, Baster, Kanker. Predictably everyone has told me not to venture solo. But considering I have already done the south Odisha belt I’m determined to travel there. Need help if you know some villages / Homestays Till then keep supporting and trust me the remotest villages of Indians where the magic lies !! Sharing few glimpses from the ongoing 130th day……

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