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Listen here. You are feeling strong urges, right? You are extremely horny, right? Well, urges are addiction leaving the body. Think about that. If you give in, your addiction will become a little bit stronger, but if you resist, your power will grow. And now let me tell you some FACTS:

If you masturbate while watching porn, you are a loser who fucks his own hand(litteraly you fuck youself, that’s kinda gay) while watching a woman you find attractive. This is FUCKED UP. It’s like watching someone having sex with your girlfriend, and instead of getting angry, you fap watching them.

If you watch porn, you are supporting an evil industry. Just think about the kidnapped and raped girls you see in porn.

If you masturbate, you are increasing your chances of prostate cancer by 79%. Don’t trust fucking doctors, they once said that smoking is healthy.

If you masturbate while watching porn, you fuck up the bio-chemistry of your brain, in time, you will become depressed, nothing will make you feel good anymore except of porn.

If you masturbate and watch porn, you are fucking up your social life. In time, you will lose many relathionships with others.

If you masturbate and watch porn, your overall motivation in life will drop by 99%. You will not even have the motivation and energy to wash your hands after you masturbate.

Porn will never love you back, that woman you want to have sex with don’t give a fuck about you, she is either raped, or she does it for money, not becuase she care about you. You are a pain in the ass for her. If you subscrie to onlyfans girls, she still not give a shit about you. Man, if you subscrie to onlyfans girls you accept you are so worthless that you need to pay money for a woman’s attention.

Masturbation and porn are great sins, if you keep doing them you will go to hell after you die.

When you masturbate, you litteraly have sex with demons. You have sex with the demon of lust. Think about this everytime you masturbate and it will become a lot less pleasent.

Do you wanna be a fatigued coomer man? Do you want to lose all your relathionships with others, deny your reslonsabilities and become a fat, unhealthy, stupid and ugly coomer that wastes his precious semen(his life force) and sexual energy for a woman that don’t give a shit about you?!

“But it feels so good man” do it then, do it all day long, everyday, all your life, and you will cry after 40 years when you will be in your last seconds of life. Imagine yourself when you will be old and you will curse the way you lived, you will curse yourself for your actions and your lifestyle. You will feel like you lived for nothing and you will die sad as fuck knowing you lived a shit life. You will realize then the pleasure was not worth it at all. Don’t let your old-self be like that! Change your life now.

I_hate_PMO-15, a Reddit user

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