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Your Kids vs Their Kids – The videos coming out of the state of Karnataka are horrific and deeply saddening at the same time – Darshan Mondkar

The videos coming out of the state of Karnataka are horrific and deeply saddening at the same time.

In one video you see a young girl harassed and intimidated (no, it’s not heckling, stop calling it that, stand-up comedians are heckled) by a bunch of saffron-clad goons shouting slogans of Jai Shri Raam.

In another, another bunch of saffron-clad hooligans can be seen climbing upon a flagpost and hoisting a saffron flag in the middle of a school premises In yet another video, you can see these hooligans being distributed saffron scarves, indicating a clear cut funded agenda.

And then there is that video where a gang of these saffron scarf wearing ruffians are banging on the door of a classroom, as the petrified teacher opens the door to let them in.

Who are these ruffians? These goons? These hooligans?

These are kids in the age group of no more than 16-17 at the most.

And as a parent of two boys in the same age group, I am deeply concerned.

Where are these kids going? What is their future?

In a few years in their early 20s, I can easily imagine them being a part of some Bulli Bai App harassment, or even worse molesting women on the streets.

In their early 30s, these kids would be unemployable, spending their time shuttling between political parties, carrying their flags, shouting their slogans, taking part in riots for them.

And in a few years, the same politicians will have a fresh batch of hooligans coming in. These kids, who are now adults, will be no longer needed. They will be discarded, dumped, their lives ruined…..or lying in their own pool of blood in some gutter….used and thrown.

This won’t happen to the kids of the Politicians who have used them, they will be enjoying the benefits of power thanks to their parents. This won’t happen to my kids either (or those like me), they don’t go to Government schools, they have their own safety nets built by their parents. This won’t happen to the kids of those NRIs either, who like to sit in liberal countries and play their minority card there, while rooting for a majoritarian Akhand Bharat back home, with no intention to return.

Their kids would stay in those countries and perhaps do the same what their parents are right now. This will happen to the kids of those parents who are already struggling for a better life, trying to earn a living, hoping their kids would be the light which will shine on their life to make it better.

A light that will never shine….a life that will remain dark. To those parents I ask… that what you want from your kids?

If not, then wake up and save them.

We have already lost an entire generation of youth to these communally divisive tactics… many more generations do you want to lose?

And finally, it’s your vote that counts, it’s you who swing the election results…’s you who can save the country, your country, your kids, and probably mine too.

Vote Wisely.

Darshan Mondkar

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