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How successful people build their habits – Raj Shamani

Do you want to know how successful people build their habits?

If you can also not make a habit of good things for a long time, then read this post.

In our latest episode of Figuring out, Anant Ladha, CFA CA CFP LL.B. (Founder of Invest Aaj For Kal), Rishabh Jain (Founder of Labour Law Advisor) and I discussed 10 habits that most successful people follow-

1. Avoid having materialistic goals when it comes to investing

You should not invest income in things like houses or cars. Alternatively, buy a dividend or assets that can pay your rental EMI.

And if you really want to buy materialistic things, buy them when you have 10X of that amount in your bank.

2. Invest in skills instead of stocks as a student

If you’re a student, put your extra income towards developing your knowledge, skills, experience, resume, and relationships rather than for stock investments.

3. Clarity above cleverness

To succeed in life, be sure of what you want when you want it and who you want to become.

Asking the right questions will take you to places in life.

4. Do not neglect the basics in pursuit of uniqueness

Forget that 100 or 1000s of people are doing what you are doing. Instead, keep your basics right and find your perspective on doing that thing.

5. Engage, collaborate and consult with those who are better than you.

Do not worry that intelligent people will steal your clients and go-ahead to establish their own business. People leave when they don’t find an opportunity to grow.

6. Your service comes first, product later

It matters how you make your audience and clients feel. Put more emphasis on helping them and giving them a sense of belonging to the community, and they will take care of your business.

7. Make Relationships

I see many people giving up on their relationships, thinking that it’s necessary to succeed in life, which is not the case. Actually, you should nurture your relationships in order to become a better human being.

8. Start trusting people 

If you distrust people easily, then you should unlearn it and find people you can rely on for advice to help you advance in your profession and who will stick by your side.

9. Focus on a “Triple A” strategy to make your product a success

-Accessibility (Is it accessible at both cheap or expensive prices?)
-Availability (At how many places is it available?)
-Awareness (How many people know about it?)

10. Help people but don’t expect anything in return

Be grateful to the people who have supported you to come this far in life. Help people who need it and forget about it.

This was one of those episodes where I learnt a lot about life as a person, things we should do, and things we shouldn’t do. 

I find it really meaningful, and I hope you will too.

Raj Shamani

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