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Why I don’t believe in “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT” – Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha (Abhi and Niyu)

We didn’t fall in love when we met. Majorly because we didn’t know what love is. Who does? All we knew were some facts.

It was 2010. She was in her last year of college and I was in 12th. Yes, there’s a 3 years age gap between us. She was studying to be a CA. (All India Rank 12th in IPCC & All India Rank 9th in CS Intermediate) and I was just buying my first camera. 

“What if it doesn’t work out,” we asked ourselves. We had many answers for why it will not be a happy ending for us. What we didn’t have was the answer to this -“What if it does?” 

We gave it a try without an expiry date. This time didn’t come without its conditions. We had fights but we gave it another try. Our friends told us to part ways but we gave it a try. All that hiding from friends and family was building up to something! 

From being an awkward couple in 2011 to getting married in 2018 and having a common mission today, THIS journey was not possible without you! 

If we understand anything about LOVE then it is this. We have a massive age gap of 3 years. We have different family backgrounds. We don’t like doing the same things. In short, there is no REASON why we should be together. Except that we want to. 

And this is not something we realized when we first saw each other. This is something that we built together. With good memories and bad ones. 

Abhi and Niyu

14th December is special for us because that’s the day when I (Abhi) first realized that I have fallen for you (Niyu). It has been 10 years to that day! We have never missed wishing each other on a 14th. Because novelty is never going to survive the test of time. Consistency just might. 

When people ask me – “What is your definition of HOME,” I say it is Niyu – my wife. Because after a tiring day when I cannot push any longer, when I am drowned in self-doubt, when I worry about money – I feel at home in your arms.

Today we want to leave you with this. LOVE is a very powerful feeling. Whether it is for a person, for the country, or for your profession. And there will be 100 reasons why it will not work out in the end. But think about this – What if it does? 

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