“But I don’t love India more than I love Pakistan or China” – Vishen Lakhiani

“But I don’t love India more than I love Pakistan or China ” this controversial statement was commented by Vishen Lakhiani.

But why he said this? Why is it so controversial?

Let’s dive deep into this and analyze the behind logic of this.

Vishen Lakhiani

Recently Vishen Lakhiani joined a podcast interview  at TRS (The Ranveer Show) who is the global CEO and founder of Mind Valley which is also a top global company in the sector of self growth

In the podcast both host and Vishen Discussed a lot of major topics.

Beerbiceps aka Ranveer Allahbadia

But at the ending point host asked him the question “How do you look at India and its future?”

And this was his exact reply:

“The unique thing about india is that everyone considers it as 1 country, but that’s not true…

Its like Europe country!

Its as different as Germany, Astonia and Belgium.

But for me to answer that question,

I can’t!

I’ve moved to a cosmocentric world view in other words I appreciate my Indian roots but also I appreciate the side of me that’s American, the side of me that’s Malaysian, the side of me that’s Estonian, the side of me that’s belgium.

I’m a member of world first, my Indian DNA is secondary but I don’t love India more than I love Pakisthan or China or Europe I wanna see all of my humanity elevated But I also have appreciation for my INDIAN roots”.

So this statement may seem controversial but actually if we analyze the dept of it, it becomes clear that its not controversial its actually a deep humanity based point of view of the legendary CEO Mr. Lakhiani.

Mr. Lakhiani also said that he is discovering new version of India everytime because India is evolving very quickly.

So his appreciation of his roots India and his love for the entire world gave his followers realisations that we’re the citizen of World first.

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