Working with Shashank Udupa has helped me grow – Saheli Chatterjee

Since May, I’ve been working with this terrific man who has a simple vision.

Helping people learn and grow together in a community of Pro Stock Investors. 📈

But this post is not about that.

This post is about how much working with Shashank Udupa has helped me grow – and I hope you learn something as well. 🤗

1. It’s amazing to have him as a client- but to me he is more of a mentor who helps me believe in myself when I struggle to.

He is blunt, to the point- and when I am not so confident of myself- he makes sure I remember to.

2. I learnt how strong good relationships and word of mouth can be – and how working with the right people doesn’t just grow your revenue – but your overall personality.

3. I am a small town girl- and have always been afraid to travel. He encouraged me to actually start travelling for work. It is a different experience- and made me learn so much.

I asked him once –

Why do you even need me? You’re so amazing- you can do everything on your own right?

And while he could have totally used that opportunity to show yes, he could- he reminded me of my value– of bigger things in business- and instead expanded my world view.

So I hope you get to work, interact or learn from this amazing human.

I am blessed to have you in my inner circle as a client and mentor 😇

Let’s build great stuff together.

Saheli Chatterjee, YouTuber, Freelancer

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