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Why do people commit suicide?

The mysterious reason why people jump to their death. Why they commit suicide.

Look at the famous picture above.

You might have heard of it.

It’s called the falling man.

You might wonder why he is jumping to his death?

What you can’t see is the fire.

That building in the background, it’s the world trade center. The date: September 11th, 2001.

When we can see the fire, we understand why he is jumping to his death. He does not want to jump any more than you and I. His fear of death is no less.

He jumps because there is a terror far greater than the fall. The fire.

What if you and I could not see the fire?

Does that mean it isn’t there?

What if the blaze has been smouldering for years, only hidden from sight?

“You’d have to have personally been trapped and felt the flames to really understand a terror way beyond falling” -David Foster Wallace

Why do people commit suicide?

Why do people commit suicide?

Because they are jumping from a terror worse than death.…

There is always hope and a better life on the horizon for each of us.

But when I cannot understand why someone “jumps”, I remind myself that just because I cannot see the fire, it doesn’t mean it’s not burning.

This article is written by Joshua Simpson

We found a great reply by Smita Mishra to this article. She says,

I do agree to what you deciphered. But thinking there is better hope and a better life at the horizon is wrong.

No one knows what’s after death and there is a slight possibility they could have a better life if they don’t commit suicide. But when they do, the chances of their good life becomes null. And that’s the worst hope because it’s not at all a hope but just running away from the situation without thinking about the repercussions and the people they leave behind.

There could be fire no doubt, but water could always soothe given that they ask for it. But they don’t because they are actually hopeless that someone would come to their rescue.

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