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The DIGITAL NOMAD life – 9 Tips and hacks for digital nomads

I’ve been a ‘digital nomad’ for the last 4 years traveling 40 countries and met my fiance Irina while traveling. It’s been an incredible journey so far and totally recommend you making the ‘jump’ if you feel that this is your calling.

The timing for traveling might not be perfect right now but things will get back to normal eventually (fingers crossed) :). However, now it is a great time to build your online business!

Some tips and hacks for digital nomads…

1- Google Flights has saved me lots of money for booking flights

2- You can do everything remotely. Literally. We are in 2021…

3- If you can, save 6 to 12 months minimum before making the jump. You never know what can happen and you need to be able to go through the ups and down with your business.

4- Have multiple credit cards, bank cards (and banks) if you can. It’s a nightmare to lose one or have one that is compromised if you don’t have other cards.

5- Always get a local sim card. Internet is essential as a digital nomad. Don’t even try to save money there…

6- Learn how to use Google maps properly, you can discover amazing places like this. I also like to ask people who have been where I am visiting and ask for their favorite spots (restaurants, beaches, etc) Save them on Google Maps!

7- Business wise, try to have a virtual assistant that can help you while you are on the go. This can be very helpful and will also motivate you to stay on track. (Accountability is key when you are your own boss).

8- Build passive income streams that will help you have a balance life. Look into: – online subscriptions, – sell info/digital products, – stock market, – property rental.

9- My favorite spots in the world to visit: Indonesia / Bali, Thailand, Italy, Colombia, Turkey, Philippines, Dubai.
(Let me know what are your favorite spots)


I feel like 2021 is an important year for collaborating and we will need to stay strong within our communities if we want to go through this tough time.

I’ve built different online businesses in the last 10 years and became a marketing expert while learning from other top entrepreneurs around the world. I currently have my marketing agency and online coaching where I help people with their online business.

I’d love to collaborate with other entrepreneurs or soon to be entrepreneur so we can explore some opportunities to work together.


My marketing agency is currently looking for telemarketers – appointment setter to make cold calls to local business owners in the fitness industry to book a Zoom Call with our closer.

We have a script that works well and we pay commission base (per appointment booked) and you can generate $15/$20+ per hr.
Schedule is flexible, we will train you so you can have good results.
We will provide you all software and everything you need.


I’m also looking to team up with people who are interested in building an online business from scratch. I’m happy to share some strategies that I have learn over the years.

I’d love to connect and see if we can help each other out.
Let’s crush 2021!

Marc-André Laframboise

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