8 Gentle Reminders for You This Women’s Day

1. Let no one else dictate your value or worth. As women we are often asked to settle for less, occupy less space, talk low and tone our ambition down. Don’t give in. Be your own badass self everyday, unapologetically.

2. Have a friend circle and social feed of quality. Who you talk to and what you consume says a lot about who you are as a person. I believe you are meant to be High Achieving, Ambitious Ladies.

3. Work towards your higher goals and ambitions everyday- even when people call you selfish. At the end of the day, relationships with other humans, though beautiful, will be outside your control. As it should be- each person should have agency over their lives. Your goals and ambitions are yours, and yours alone. Don’t be afraid to prioritize them.

4. Understand that your consent matters. You can say NO. Even if it’s someone you trust in general. Even if you said yes first. Even if you have no logical reason for saying so.

5. Take control of your money and finances. Especially if you come from a family where the earning member dominates others. Many women are restricted in their day to day lives sheerly by their financial dependence. I went through the same before I got strong and independent enough to walk out of toxic situations- and honestly it was my money and my business that gave me that confidence.

6. Learn the skill of Networking. Life-changing opportunities come close to you atleast twice a week- but you’re a few connections away! If you’re good at something- tell everyone. You don’t have to stay shut- you need to be proud of yourself.

7. I read this somewhere: Treat everyone as though their dog has died- you never know what they are going through. Follow this- and you’ll exude happy vibrations.

8. Every woman is an ally. Growing up the society brainwashes us to think of women lowly- you have to unlearn that. Another girl’s growth and success is not your failure- there’s always room for more. I have had beautiful mentors and friends in some amazing women, and I’m so grateful to them. The only way to eliminate your enemies, is to make them your friends.

This article is written by Saheli Chatterjee. An Indian YouTuber and Marketer popularly known as Helly.

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