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Agon Hare and Sonya Mulkeet of Project Nightfall are now engaged

She said YES!!! Sonya is officially my future wife and I am most definitely the luckiest man in the world! I’m so blessed, Nightfam!

For most of my life, I thought love was not meant for me. As an emotionally scarred man I never even thought I’d be able to commit to a marriage. And then she came.

Agon Hare and Sonya Mulkeet

My Lady, my Inspiration, my Everything, my Sonya.

Truth is, from the very first day when I met her I knew she was the one. The first time I heard her voice, it was like I’d heard it before. Fast forward two years and here we are.


My goodness, it feels so good to not need to call you a “girlfriend” anymore! It always felt so small, hahah! Wife’s much better! Or at least Fiancée.

Beautiful fact, Sonya is also a co-founder of Project Nightfall Organization we share the same values and dreams. Truly blessed to have each other and we’re super grateful for all the love you’re sending to us, Nightfam!! Love you ❤️

Agon Hare

Dear Sonya, thank you for saying YES. We both know that even though we are beautifully compatible and perfect for each other, every relationship requires a lot of work. By saying YES to each other we also say yes to patience. Yes to humility. Yes to never stopping to work on our relationship.

I’m looking forward to all that work and ultimately the two of us, in our rocking chairs, with our grandkids running around. I’ll give you a high five and say, “Hey! We had an amazing run, haven’t we?!”, you will undoubtedly answer “Yes.”…

And in the end that will be the YES I truly ever waited for.

– Agon Hare

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