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My Fiverr account was permanently disabled, here’s why!

This is how I am feeling now after losing one of my main income sources.

At midnight yesterday, my Fiverr account was permanently disabled for “trying to conduct business outside the Fiverr platform.”.

The screenshot below shows the email I received from Fiverr.

My Fiverr account was permanently disabled, here’s why!
The email I received from Fiverr. Screenshot by Inu Etc

The email came as a complete shock to me.

My heart ached when I read the email, and it made me cry, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

It wasn’t just a random social media account. I had put a lot of effort into it. It’s not just about money. It was about my profile, my contacts, the time I had invested, and those engagements!

I was really sad and I sent some voice notes to two of my friends telling them all the things I had been feeling. However, they were asleep since it was 2:00 AM in India.

So, It was convenient for me to write down my feelings in Google Docs since I didn’t have anyone else to share them with.

And here I am.

On Medium, I’m sharing my saddest moment.

So here’s the full story.

I received a message on Fiverr yesterday from a guy from the US who asked me to email him since he wants to discuss things outside of Fiverr. The account had no profile picture and it was a new one.

He told me that he needs a VA from India. (I’m a web developer and I also write articles. But I also manage websites and do some other things too. So I had a VA gig on Fiverr.)

I told him to discuss it in Fiverr’s inbox, but he dropped his email as well and he told me to send him an email.

I immediately filed a complaint to Fiverr within the Fiverr Inbox, I selected the option that the buyer wants to communicate outside of Fiverr. For the sake of engagement, I replied to him on Fiverr inbox using just emojis.

The question I have for Fiverr is:

After being told by the buyer to contact him outside Fiverr, I filed a complaint!

Would it be possible for you to tell me why my account has been permanently disabled?

In June 2021, I created this account. I have worked with 6 awesome clients so far with an average order value of $116.

Fiverr was a great experience and I spent too much time there.

Since I write a lot about freelancing, online business, and entrepreneurship, I used to promote Fiverr a lot on my blog posts.

The problem is that everything has disappeared all of a sudden. In addition, I lost some awesome contacts. I have to start from scratch if I want to do it again on Fiverr. At the moment, I am not motivated enough to start again on Fiverr.

I’m not gonna use Fiverr again I think if I can’t recover this account. To get clients, there are several ways and freelancing sites, and I will follow those methods.

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I did it, guys. I have now been able to access my account again. The Fiverr Team contacted me via email after my tweet, we discussed the issue and later I received another email with the subject line — “Your Fiverr account has been restored.”

Yesterday I was really sad, but now I am so happy.

The road to success is a bumpy one. Ups and downs are part of life. Keep moving forward and fight like a warrior whenever there is a fight.

Thanks for reading this post. 💚

If you have any questions or if you wanna work with me, feel free to contact me.

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