WooCommerce vs Shopify- Which one is best?

Since the world has gradually shifted towards adopting the eCommerce approach. We see, new and amazing advancements taking place.

There is a definite increase in the Amazon Account Management that is giving a sharp edge to the online shopping phenomenon. eCommerce Online shopping is on a rise across the globe. We see many amazon ecommerce management services being launched with a more progressive approach. There are many eCommerce store setups taking place, however, in this article, we will run a complete showdown of the two eCommerce giants. Shopify and WooCommerce, let’s see which platform wins in the battle.

Let’s get started!

The two platforms

Before diving into the features of the two platforms, we will do a quick rundown of the two eCommerce platforms.


Shopify is one of the most reliable and powerful eCommerce platforms that offers outstanding templates. Keeping all the good things aside, the best part about Shopify is, it offers brilliant customer support. Paying a monthly premium is a must to attain a solid platform.


WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin that is known for turning any WordPress website into a powerful and well-established online store. It is an open-source platform that is easy to install and use. For all the cost-efficient newbies out there, you shouldn’t miss out on this plugin.

The amazon consultants is on the rise, making sure you have the right approach for your businesses in the competitive marketplace.

What are the benefits of the Shopify plug-in?

Shopify plugin comprises hosting and security that does not need a code to build an outstanding online store. Moreover, you can avail 24/7 support and get your problems resolved, this makes your customers satisfied throughout their journey being in your store.

The best thing about the Shopify plugin is that you can connect through other channels like Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, and eBay, enjoying the perks of the built-in feature.

What are the benefits of the WooCommerce plug-in?

WooCommerce plug-in calls for limitless customization. The perks of being an open-source platform, you can use code to customize your store according to your will. Moreover, it is scalable and a flexible platform that allows you to achieve your eCommerce dreams.

The best thing about the WooCommerce store is that its value for money. Being free to install, the extensions are reasonable. It helps you add great functionality to your store on a low budget.

An eCommerce management services is always available for your assistance to set up your desired eCommerce store.

Comparison of the features

In this part, we will be comparing Shopify and WooCommerce on their features. Let us see which platform complies with greater benefits in the eCommerce race.


WooCommerce has a vast learning curve than Shopify. It is believed that Shopify is an easy plugin allowing regular users to get a grip over it. Talking about the feedbacks, there are more positive remarks about Shopify than WooCommerce.

WooCommerce involves more legwork such as sourcing your website hosting and its security. However, it’s not much of a hassle. People use, Bluehost to give power to their WooCommerce stores.

However, WooCommerce is a technical platform that requires knowledge to learn it first. Whereas, Shopify is not a very technical eCommerce plugin and is in a win-win situation here.

Time to build an eCommerce store

If you are looking forward to building your eCommerce store quickly then Shopify has a quicker build time. If you are starting from the initial stages then Shopify can get your store live more quickly and easily. You can choose and edit the themes according to your will.

Whereas, WooCommerce stores are beneficial to the users who don’t want to attain a faster turnaround from their consumers. WooCommerce plug-in involves a lot of technicalities for a more creative project getting live. It requires a lot of legwork and that is why it takes time to get built.

Comparing the two platforms, we can observe the fact, Shopify’s build time is a lot quicker than WooCommerce.

The Creatives

Creatives play an integral role in setting up any kind of store. The templates, themes, and design are the key functions that affect the consumer’s buying behavior.

In this regard, WooCommerce and Shopify both comprise outstanding themes to boost your store’s professional outlook.

Shopify theme store includes seventy free and a premium theme. The themes are professional, sleek, and great to incorporate in your stores.

Whereas, the WooCommerce, entry themes comprise a vast library with over 1000 specific themes for you. However, you should be wise in your choice.

Shopify comprises sleeker and polished templates with a free hand to customize them. The WooCommerce themes offer limited customization that isn’t up to scratch.

Integrations and plugins

Apps and plugins installations always add more strings to your eCommerce stores. WooCommerce and Shopify, both can add extra functionalities but let’s see which plugin has more benefits here.

WooCommerce is an open-source platform that focuses on heavy plugins. There are fifty thousand plugins to choose from and this allows you to create a great bespoke website without limitations.

Shopify has around 1200 free and paid apps that are reliable but if we take a contrasting overview of it with WooCommerce then it outperforms Shopify in this forte.

Marketing tools

For businesses to succeed and grow progressively in the competitive marketplace, it requires a brand to implement stronger marketing tools.

Shopify can run many email campaigns using various applications. It also supports multichannel selling that helps you integrate your store with Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and Pinterest. Also, it helps you advertise on other platforms.

Moreover, WooCommerce relies on plugins for its email campaigns offering it to integrate with Mailchimp. It helps you send customized email campaigns with ease. You can also integrate WooCommerce through different other platforms and advertise on Facebook for free.

All in All, Shopify comprises an impressive range of marketing features that allow your business to expose through various marketing channels. Whereas, WooCommerce only relies on plugins for its marketing tools.

Final Words

Concluding the article, it is evident that Shopify has the lead. Both the platforms are great but when going for comparative analysis, we can see Shopify is the most outstanding plugin.

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