How to deal with a breakup (actionable tips)

My greatest advice is to immediately go no contact. Do not make any promises, don’t agree to do anything, just immediately go no contact from the moment they break up with you.

Now that you’re in no contact, GRIEVE. You’ll feel so horrible and you’ll need time for these feelings to go away. Take the time to isolate yourself and learn to feel comfortable being alone. Try to focus on eating and sleeping though this is very difficult. Take time off of work if you need to, this helped me a lot.

This is now your time to reflect. Reflect on what went wrong. Understand your mistakes and how YOU contributed to the breakup. Understand that you are not perfect and you also made a lot of mistakes throughout the relationship. Learn from these mistakes and focus on improving your mental health. Talking to a friend or going to therapy can really help you get a better understanding of your mistakes and how your mental health negatively impacted the relationship.

Now that you think you’ve went over all the negatives and all the baggage you brought over to the relationship and are focused on improving your mental health, it is now time to focus on getting your life back together. Now is the time to spend time with your friends go out and experience new things. Hit the club, GOTO THE GYM, meet new people, buy new clothes, make yourself look and feel good. Explore, gain new hobbies and do all the things you always wanted to do. This is a time of pure absolute freedom, you are now free to spend all your time ON YOURSELF.


Getting broken up with hurts like a bitch but if you take it as an opportunity to grow, learn and improve yourself as a person, you can turn it into a blessing.

Your ex my have been toxic, abusive or manipulate or you may have loved them to death, unfortunately you have no other option but to let them go. Letting go is the hardest part but holding onto something that no longer exists will stunt your healing and your growth as a person. Even if they wanted to get back together with you it’ll only work if both parties have had time apart to grow and are now completely over the past relationship. You have both changed and are now different people. You may realise you no longer even love the person they were or are now. There is no hate no love just indifference, this is your goal and this is how you want to feel about them. It’s the same way you felt before you really got to know them.

Try not to stalk their social media’s. Whatever they’re doing is now no longer your concern, focus on yourself and don’t let someone who decided they are better off without you in their life live in your head rent free.


Shsdhdsb, a Reddit user

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