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7 Honest Thoughts of Nas Daily on Money, Sex, Inferiority, and Success

#1 Honest Thought of Nas Daily – Thoughts from a 7-hour plane ride:

I have recently learned something about myself: I’ll always be unsatisfied. I can’t

remember the last time I was satisfied for more than a week. 100,000 views used to be enough.

NOW, 4 million are not enough. $1,000 used to be a fortune. Now, $100,000 is the basics. This constant dissatisfaction hurts my relationships and life – but honestly, it’s the main thing that keeps me going to do more.

I have grown to love it. And I am now okay with the idea of dying unsatisfied. A life pursuing satisfaction is satisfying by itself. I’m hungry, I’m starving for more. More reach. More videos. More power. More money. More employees. More fun.

It’s never enough, it’ll never be enough. Maybe when I have a kid. This is why Nas Daily is where it is today – and this is why it’ll be bigger in the future.

#2 Honest Thought of Nas Daily – What’s your chance of success, given your gender, country, race?

But I also can’t help thinking about how luck plays a role in life. I know for a fact if I was born a girl in my community I wouldn’t be here.

If I had chronic pain, cancer, extreme poverty, 1 wouldn’t be here. In a way, I feel like I was born with a 30% chance of succeeding.

Some are born with 1% chance – others with 99% chance (the British royals). All this hard work in my life is just meant to increase that percentage. My hard work made my chances 50%! If I was lazy, my chance would go to 10%.

And thank God the 50% chance of success came true. There was an equal chance of failure – mind you. So, to you ask, what is your chance of success when you were born?

nas daily Nuseir Yassin
Nuseir Yassin, known as Nas Daily

#3 Honest Thought of Nas Daily

Israel is the most controversial country in the world. It’s also the place my parents gave birth to me. Israel has caused me many problems – and gave me many blessings.

People hate me and love me for things I can’t control – where I was born. But candidly speaking, Being from Israel has shaped who I am, the way I talk, and the way I view the world.

If I grew up in a perfect society, I would hate it. Imperfection has made me angry – and anger has given birth to Nas Daily.

#4 Honest Thought of Nas Daily – Inferiority

Many people are cocky. They think they are better than others. But did you know, other people have the opposite: they think everyone is better than them.

I struggle a lot with the latter. To this day, I have the feeling of inferiority. “I can’t believe you gave me your time. I don’t deserve it”. No matter how successful I got, I still have these thoughts.

Sigh. I would like to believe I’m just as good as others, but 14 million followers later and millions of dollars later… I still struggle with it.

Nas Daily, Alyne Tamir, and Agon Hare
Nas Daily, Alyne Tamir, and Agon Hare AKA Project Nightfall

#5 Honest Thought of Nas Daily – Money

As a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. Then I realized it’s almost impossible: you have to be smart, physically fit, and army trained.

I was a Muslim kid in Israel. Forget about it. And that’s when I made it a goal to be rich. If I can’t go to space as an astronaut, I’m gonna buy my way up there as a tourist.

The tickets are $250,000 – and my goal was to make this much money to buy the ticket. And I finally can afford it.

I always wanted to be rich. Really rich. 

Here is why:

Money doesn’t give you happiness but it gives you a voice. The world is structured so that the rich have a voice, and the poor don’t. I want the system to change but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon – so I have to play by the game and make that money and get that voice. Nas Daily videos are one voice I have, but I want that voice to be stronger and more powerful. 


Because I think we need different voices – the world is sick of the same familiar people running the show.

Agon Hare and Nuseir Yassin

#6 Honest Thought of Nas Daily

This is mostly wishful thinking – but I hope the message is clear. Biology shouldn’t be the main driver of humans – logic and brainpower should.

It is NEVER logical to rape someone. Never logical to cheat. I would like to get to a point in life where my brain dictates everything I do – not my heart or penis. I would also like to feel fewer emotions.

Did I lose you yet?

Nas Daily with his girlfriend Alyne Tamir.
Nas Daily with his girlfriend Alyne Tamir.

#7 Honest Thought of Nas Daily – Sex

Humans (males) are animals. We think with our penis. It’s amazing how many careers were ruined because of sexual affairs. How many women were raped because of it. How much bad stuff happened.

I can’t think of any positive side effects from having strong sexual desires – they almost always end up bad.

I feel like the only thing separating humans from animals is their brains. We have a brain. Animals have a penis. I would like to train myself to never be interested in sex after age 40 or so.


Because I feel like there are better things to focus on than a passing feeling of excitement. Will I succeed in killing my animal instincts? Probably not – but I wanna give it my best.

This article is about some Honest Thoughts of popular Vlogger Nuseir Yassin, known as Nas Daily. He created 1,000 daily 1-minute videos on Facebook under the page, Nas Daily.

Nas Daily often makes videos with his girlfriend Alyne Tamir, and with his friend Agon Hare.

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