From selling vegetables in the village to getting a job in GeeksforGeeks as Software Engineer

1st thanks to AMAN DHATTARWAL and Love Babbar ( I watched your interview video in 1st lockdown that how you crack Amazon and that was the life changing video for me ).

After that I learnt language, DSA and web development in 2 year.

Thanks to Raj Vikramaditya ( watched almost all the playlist and solved your DSA sheet 2 times ), Sahil Srivastava ( Sahil bhaiya ab mere ko nind aarhi , your way of teaching 🔥 ), and Sheryians Coding School ( Harsh SharmaDhanesh _ sir for web development ), Nishant Chahar, Mohammad F., Anuj Kumar Sharma , Anshika Gupta and Sumeet Malik

Special thanks to Anshul Aggarwal bhaiya for your support.

Thanks Deep Narayan Upadhyay, Himanshu Kandpal, Ayush Tripathi, Pratikshya Nayak, Deepshikha Singh for your guidance and help 😊

And one msg jinse DSA nhi ho rha –
“करत-करत अभ्यास के जडमति होत सुजान ।
रसरी आवत-जात ते सिल पर परत निशान ॥ ”

job inspiration geeksforgeeks

Thanks, Sandeep Jain Sir GeeksforGeeks, and Uday Raj Rana for giving me this opportunity.

Ankit Kushwaha 

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