Singer Sanam Puri wrote a heartfelt letter to his girlfriend – Asmi Shrestha

Singer Sanam Puri wrote a heartfelt letter to his girlfriend – Asmi Shrestha, a Nepalese model, Miss Nepal titleholder (winner of the Miss Nepal 2016), and celebrity.


Here’s Sanam Puri’s letter to his girlfriend Asmi Shrestha,

“I’ve been beyond fortunate to know the real you. Your intentions, your wishes, the love you have in your heart for all beings and for life. 

And I know your dream to make people realise the true power of love and togetherness will come true. I know what you feel in your heart when you see pain in others. You always see their pain as your own. You feel it like it’s happening to you. 

You’re selfless beyond imagination. So much that you can’t even see it, but I can. And because of how pure and beautiful your soul is, I always want to protect all your dreams and wishes. You’re a healer!

You’re extremely sensitive and empathetic. And life is much harder this way because of the burden you take upon yourself to heal others and yourself too. But with time you’ll become stronger and get closer to achieving all your dreams with ease. 

Happy 3 years in the physical world. But our souls have always been together.” ❤️

Sanam Puri with his girlfriend Asmi Shrestha | © Sanam Puri

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