Don’t Be a Normal Person – 5 Reasons to Avoid Normal People

You talk about putting the work, cold showers, no fap. But why should I do any of it? I can just sit back, jerk off, enjoy and live a life of fun, and do what I want. 

Is all the work and are all the sacrifices worth it? 

Why work hard? What’s the point? 

You sound like someone who hates fun.

Now I got questions of my own.

Is it worth it to live life at 28% body fat knowing?

That it makes you look like a slob and kills you 20 years before your time with a heart attack? Just to be able to eat junk food every day?

Is it worth it to work a 9 to 5 job forever and living your life to make someone else rich?

Is it worth it to live your life surrounded by mediocrity because self-improvement is hard and playing video games is easy?

Is it worth it to spend your youth chasing girls instead of pursuing success because “sex is fun”, knowing that you are losing years of your life with all the distractions?

Is it worth it to watch porn knowing that porn is killing your motivation to be successful?

And have one final question.

Which is the real sacrifice? 

A sacrifice of potential and dreams versus a sacrifice of instant pleasure and fun.

Is it worth it?

If you only learn one thing from this article, let it be this: 

Avoid normal people.

Avoid the normals at all costs, don’t go out to eat with them, don’t discuss important matters with them, don’t involve them in your personal life.


Because normal people will talk you down, slow your momentum, and do everything they possibly can to keep you in their crab bucket. Let’s take a look at the traits of normal people, so you can identify and keep your distance from them.

1. Normal people will give you bad advice.

Normal people will give you advice that’s designed to slow you down or make you feel more insecure. In the guise of helping you, they will set you up for eventual failure.

Common examples include: Telling you to push for that 5% raise which will mess up your political capital with the firm, telling you that appearances don’t matter and ruin every first impression you make and tell you that you are perfect so you think you have nothing to improve.

2. Normal people live above their means.

Many make close to minimum wage, have little to no money in savings and mountain loads of debt. But you’ll find them wearing $200 pairs of shoes, $300 leather purses and holding a $999 iPhone.

Some will voluntarily borrow money to travel.

In their mind, traveling to exotic locations even when they are broke is a sign of “being modern and free”. “Traveling gives you experiences”. You are correct, but in your case, the experience will be a personal debt trap and a midlife crisis.

3. Normal people know everything trending

Normal people know everything about sports, TV shows, and movies. Normal people spend 3 hours a day watching TV and probably more than that talking about their favorite Breaking Bad character, their favorite upcoming movie, and their favorite cricketer.  

They know the stats, heights, and weights of every sportsman. They know the history of every actor, actress, and producer. Meanwhile, they do not know the stats behind their own finances. Most don’t even have a rough idea of how much they have in their bank accounts at any given point.

4. Normal people hate rich people.

Instead of observing and learning from the rich so they can get rich themselves, they chose to hate the rich instead. They think income inequality is the problem and that rich people somehow stole wealth from the poor “to whom it belongs”, and fail to see that the rich did not steal wealth, they created it. Funnily enough, they wish misery upon rich people, and then get mad that rich people want to have nothing to do with them.

5. Normal people lack emotional control and self-awareness. 

Normal people are emotional and as a result easy to influence. They can easily be made to feel happy, angry, sad, and hyped – in fact, the media relies on their ability to manipulate people’s emotions to sustain their business. 

They get manipulated by political speeches, by fake charities asking for donations, and by scammers selling them get rich quick schemes. They think emotions “just are”, and they have no control over them. Keep claiming that you can do “everything in moderation” while knowing deep down that you’re using moderation as an excuse to justify your weakness.

At the end of the day, it comes down to:

Is it worth it to live like the average person?

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