“Going To Stay Until SRK Signs My Movie” – Jayanth Seege, The ‘Jabra Fan’ On A Mission To Meet Shah Rukh Khan

“In August, when I came across Shahrukh Khan’s interview where he said that he hadn’t signed any new movies since Zero, I literally went bonkers; I was like, ‘What if I get SRK to act in my movie?’ So, I created a movie poster overnight and tweeted it, tagging SRK.

Obviously, nothing happened, but I still couldn’t shake off the thought–I retweeted it on his birthday again. Finally, in December, I don’t know what got to me– I thought, ‘Why not just go to Mannat and narrate the script to him face to face?’

Jayanth Seege | Image source: Humans of Bombay

So, I flew from Bangalore to Mumbai, and since then, every day, I come to Mannat at sunrise and stand here till midnight. Even the guards know me very well now–we chit chat everyday! I’d tell them about how I’m a struggling filmmaker, toh ladki toh milne wali hai nahi, at least SRK se ek baar mila do!

Eventually, I realised I had to do something atrociously magnanimous like he does in his movies, and here I am. And I’m going to stay put until he signs my movie– after all, ‘Kisi cheez ko shiddat se chaho toh poori kainath usse tumse milane ki koshish me lag jaati hai.’

– Jayanth Seege

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