What do you think a woman wants from a man? – Seema Bhatt

King Harshavardhan was defeated in the battle.

He was handcuffed and taken to the winner king. At that time the winner king was in a happy mood.

The king kept a proposal for Harshavardhan and said, “ If you can answer me a question correctly I will return your kingdom or else leave aside the kingdom, you shall have to remain a prisoner for the rest of your life in my country.”

“ The question is, ‘ what does a woman want from her man?’ You will get a month of time to answer.”

Harshavardhan accepted the King’s proposal.

He went to various places and met many scholars, preachers, priests, dancers, prostitutes, housewives, maids, and many more to know what exactly a woman wants from a man.

If someone said she wants ornaments, the other would say she wants children from her man, another said beautiful house and family, yet another said she would like to have the throne, etc.

Harshavardhan was not satisfied with these answers at all.

The month was about to end.

On the other hand, Harshavardhan was unable to collect a satisfactory answer.

Then someone informed that far away, in another country there lives a witch. Only she can give proper answer to this question because she has all the answers.

Along with friend Siddhiraj, Harshavardhan went and met the witch. He asked the question.

The witch said, “ I will give you the correct answer only if your friend agrees to marry me.”

The witch was old and extremely ugly. He didn’t want this injustice to happen with his friend.

But to save his friend and the king of his country, Siddhiraj gave his consent to marry the witch and the marriage happened.

The witch then answered Harshavardhan and said, “ A woman wants to be independent so that she can take decisions on her own.”

Harshavardhan liked the answer.

He told this answer to the winner king. The king liked the answer, released Harshavardhan, and returned his kingdom to him.

On the other hand, the witch on her wedding night said to her husband, “You have a pure heart. You have sacrificed yourself to save your friend, so, I want to tell you something.”

“Every day, I look ugly for 12 hours and extremely beautiful for the next 12 hours. Tell me, which look would you like to accept.”

Siddhiraj said, “ That is your decision dear. I have accepted you as my wife, so, I would like you anyway. ”

Hearing this, the witch transformed into a beauty and said, “ You have allowed me to make the decision, therefore, from now I shall always remain beautiful.”

“Actually this is my real look. I had changed my appearance into an ugly witch for the ugly people all around.”

The social norms have made women dependent, but, mentally no woman accepts dependence.

Hence, those homes that have given the power to the wives are generally happier.

We may not allow the wife to be the head of the house, but, we should at least release half part of her life, that half part, in which she can openly take her own decisions.

Seema Bhatt

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