Project Nightfall ‘Agon Hare’ wrote a heartfelt letter to his girlfriend – Sonya Mulkeet

I’ve never done this before but I think most of you will be happy reading it.

This is an appreciation post for my freshly-official girlfriend & a part of Project Nightfall (yes, we work together and you should follow her to send her important video ideas you want us to cover!). 

She is the best and every day I just wanna scream my love at her 😁 SO THIS POST WILL SCREAAAAAM THAT!


The moment I saw and heard her for the first time, I felt like somehow I’ve known her before. Like we already met in another universe. Some weird magic, I guess. Fast forward few months later, a 31 year old man feels real love for the first time in his life… Luckily for him, the love is greatly returned… And so MAY THE CHEESINESS BEGIN.

Sonya is incredibly special and good to me. As a strong man I’ve never felt the need to feel safe with someone… But she somehow makes me feel that. I know it’s weird but I genuinely trust she knows what’s good for me.

Agon Hare And Sonya Mulkeet
Agon Hare and Sonya Mulkeet | Project Nightfall girlfriend Sonya Mulkeet | Image source- Project Nightfall, Facebook

She buys me flowers (whaaat?! 💐), consistently surprises me, forces me to eat more and work a little less to have a better work-life balance. She checks on me all the time!

She is my rock, my long-lost soulmate from the other side of the world and so after just a few months of being together, all I’ve experienced with her is pure awesomeness!

Maybe that’s why I can’t stop complementing her every minute which I describe to her as a glass filled with Marshmallows… The glass is gonna break if I don’t let some marshmallows out. I’m the glass, marshmallows are my feelings.

Agon Hare with his girlfriend – Sonya Mulkeet | Image source – Project Nightfall Facebook

Sonya, just like me has been through a lot in her life and that must be one of the main foundations of why it feels so extra when we’re together. Often when I look in her eyes I see a younger reflection of myself and it says a lot. I respect the hell out of her, she’s so strong. I believe in her endlessly and I’m so happy to see her blossom into the most beautiful flower… 🌸

Agon Hare with his girlfriend Sonya Mulkeet
Project Nighfall’s Agon Hare with his girlfriend Sonya Mulkeet

And so if there’s any reason other than sheer appreciation of this amazing woman, it is for you who still reads it to believe real love exists.🙂 I wish everyone to find marshmallows to their glass!

I love you my little Chocolate!🍫

project nightfall sonya mulkeet agon hare
Agon Hare with his girlfriend Sonya Mulkeet

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