Independence Day: Be the Tiranga – What does becoming the Tiranga mean?

Celebrating the 75th year of Independence, we all know it did not come easy.

Even for the first war of independence– the Revolt of 1857, India had to wait for 100 years from 1757-1857. And the series continued from there.

It was not the red blood that shed; it was the Tiranga they shed, it was the Tiranga they aimed to live, it was the Tiranga they were becoming.

It took 200 years for Indians to ‘become’ the Tiranga. What does becoming the Tiranga mean?

The three colors in our national flag: saffron, white and green; held together by the Ashoka Chakra, could be seen in every Indian for the quest for freedom.

Unity in Diversity came when people became:

The saffron

It was the coming together of every Indian, whose name we may never know, to fight the hunger for freedom. It was showing strength and courage by millions of Indians in every little way possible.

  • Boycotting British goods and official posts under the Non-cooperation movement in 1920
  • Tribals standing up for their rights in the 1920s
  • Accompanying Gandhiji in the Dandi March in 1930

And so much more.

The white

Every step that brought the Indians closer to freedom was peace in eternity.
It was not just the outer quietness that helped Indians fight for freedom. It was the flame of inner hope, patience, and peace that never went out.

The green

Revolutions like,

  • The Green Revolution (the 1960s)
  • The White Revolution (1970)

Helped India grow immensely

It is no surprise that India’s growth sectors have been expanding in:

  • Software & Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Renewable Energy
  • Automobile Industry
  • FinTech
  • Real Estate

From the time when independence was the only goal to the time when we all are independent, it is the growth that is constantly shooting up.

Finally, the 24 spokes in the Ashoka Chakra representing 24 different meanings are there to uplift us in tough times. They are to remind us to stay grounded every moment.

This Independence Day, take a pledge to be the Tiranga. Every Indian becoming the Tiranga is the true essence of Independence. Freeing ourselves from all the thoughts, all the fears, and the self-doubts which hold us back; is what makes us the Tiranga.

Once you become the Tiranga for yourself, you’re the Tiranga for everyone to give them strength, and peace and help them grow.

To feel the saffron’s aroma in the air,
To see nothing but peace in the heart and the mind,
To aim to grow and stay connected to the soil of the motherland,
I am the Tiranga. You are the Tiranga. We are the Tiranga.

Happy Independence Day!

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