Why didn’t Ratan Tata get married? The reason he remained single

Ratan Tata Sir fell in love with an American girl residing in Los Angeles. Being honest he promised his love that he won’t marry another girl ever.

Ratan Tata received a phone call from India that his grandmother is sick. He asked the girl to come along with him to India. Because of the India-china war in 1962, the girl’s parents denied visiting India. Ratan tata agreed that he will marry after coming from India.

After his visit to India, his grandmother died. Ratan Tata comes to know that girl married to another person by her parent’s choice. Listening to this, he decided that he will keep his promise & not marry another girl.

Another fact that is widely accepted is that he wished to work for the country & devote his entire time to uplifting the country. Thus, no reason for personal relationships.

One interviewer asked, “Why did you keep your promise even after the girl left?”

He said, “ That’s what pious significance of promise which is tested when a person leaves. If you keep your promise to loved one’s even after they leave, you really loved”.

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