If you can dream it, you can do it – The story of Bhagyalipsa Behuria, a 17-year-old young entrepreneur

Hello, this is Bhagyalipsa Behuria, a 17-year-old girl. I’m a video editor, founder, entrepreneur, and student.

Last year I started editing videos and I found a lot of interest in that field as time passes. I had decided to make video editing my career but, I was questioned by many people and felt that what I am doing is something that will not enhance me in the future. The lack of support and appreciation created self-doubt. Being a 17-year-old, I had to make a practical decision in my life as the decision that I make will shape my future accordingly.

Everyone who is closed to me demotivated me and I was so surprised by there behavior I never thought they would say those kinds of word’s which will break my heart but, at last, I decided to follow my heart, not to be trapped in someone else’s dream and follow what gives me happiness.

I don’t believe in a high salary. People told me you can’t make money with your video editing but, for me, a high salary doesn’t matter much. The thing that matters to me is my passion. No higher salary will give you more happiness which your passion gives you. So, I started to follow my passion.

After 1 year now I’m the senior editor of some famous YouTube channel, I have my own social media company that is BBEDIT, I have collaborated with great filmmaker’s, international photographer, Bollywood actor, social media influencer and many more, I too got featured three times in digital magazine.

It wasn’t that easy for me to handle all this along at this young age. But, to achieve something I have to do something that I have never done before But, after all these people still talk about me, they told me that you are “LUCKY” but, I want to say them, and to those people who always change the name of “HARDWORK” into luck. And there is a very famous line of one song

“Haters gon’ hate
Players gon’ play
Live a life, man
Good luck”

Remember this,

People will say something or the other
It’s the job of people to say something
forget all these useless things
Or else our night will end just around them

Thanks to my family who are with me when everyone was against me, thanks to my teachers who always thought not to give up and cheers for me every time, thanks to my best friend’s who are the backbone of my success, they are always with me in my hard time whenever I try to give up, they always comfort me with there motivational word’s, and good music always charge me and show me that no matter what people say you are the precious one and at last I want to thanks myself that I didn’t give up there when everyone was against of me. This all just starts for me there is a long way to go there are lots of dreams that are still incomplete for me

“Hard work will never go to waste”
Believe in yourself.
Not so perfect, but so beautiful.
Let’s hold each other hands and say we will shine in our own way.

– Bhagyalipsa Behuria

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