The Udaipur murder is absolutely horrific – Darshan Mondkar

The Udaipur murder is absolutely horrific.

A tailor, Kanhaiya Lal, is murdered in broad daylight by two Muslim men.

They not only record the video of the murder but they also have the audacity to circulate another video in which they are openly accepting their crime and then issuing a threat to Narendra Modi.

I have two points to make on this:

– This gruesome act is despicable and immediate action should be taken to arrest both the men and anyone who is playing from behind the scenes.

We, as Indians, will not support or shield such terrorizing activities irrespective of who is doing this.

– Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India. Whether we find him incompetent or we find him biased or anything else, we will not stand by and see him being threatened by anyone.

The battle against tyranny can be fought in the electorate, the battle can be fought in form of peaceful protests on the streets, but it will not be fought by knives, guns, and bombs or with bloodshed.

I have firmly stood against the Sanghis and will continue to do so, but I will not condone violence in any form.

Disclaimer: This horrifying act, as usual, will be used by the Sanghis to target the entire Muslim community, but there is no reason for Indian Muslims to own up to or apologize about this incident. The criminals do not define you as a community just as the Sanghis don’t defy the rest of us. Let’s Stay Together and resist these attempts at hatemongering together. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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