16 year old kid is earning in lakhs today – The inspiring story of Umer Qureshi

Umer Qureshi is a Digital marketer and an Entrepreneur.

The path to success was not easy for him. Umer has been an overweight kid since childhood. People used to make fun of him. Due to which, Umer gradually started losing his Confidence. He began to doubt his capabilities. But Umer did not lose courage and took the decision to change his life. He started looking for opportunities over the internet to change his life.

He started searching for How to make money online? How can one earn from youtube channel and blogging? How to start blogging? How to start a business at home?

After a lot of research, Umer decided to start his own blog. He learned things from the internet and then applied them on his blog. Initially, he didn’t get any results but after sometime he started getting results.

Today he is a successful entrepreneur, blogger, digital marketer. Watch this Josh Talk to know how a 16 year old kid is earning in lakhs today.

Video courtesy – Josh Talkes, Featured image: Umer Qureshi

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