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Destroy Patriarchy

Three girls in Unnao were poisoned by a guy because one of the girls refused his proposal.

A 17 year old girl was literally hammered to death by a guy in Delhi because she refused his marriage proposal.

A guy tried to throw a girl under the Mumbai local train because she refused his proposal.

And all this happened in just this week !!!

Seriously Guys…… Who the F*ck do you think you are? Some superior Heroes whose every whim should be carried out by the servile womenfolk?

Well, here is some enlightenment for you…

  • Women are human beings not your servants
  • Women have individual thoughts, opinions and wishes. That’s not a sole prerogative of the men.
  • Women can like or dislike anyone they want to for whatever reasons they deem fit.
  • A woman doesn’t have to agree with you just because you are a Man.
  • A woman and her ability to have her own wish needs to be respected not because she is someone else’s daughter, mother, blah blah, but because she is a HUMAN BEING!!!

So get off your self assumed superior mantles and become a human yourself first.


Why I am telling you guys this is because probably your Father never told you all this coz he was busy being a supremacist dunghead to your mother. JERKS. !!!

Disclaimer: This post will only offend those guys who enthusiastically subscribe to patriarchy because it gives them privileges by the sole virtue of their gender.

This article is written by Darshan Mondkar

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