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Police brutality – How to put an end to this danger!

Police brutality has always been an issue in Africa and America and it should’ve ended years ago.

African-Americans are known to be the common victims of this abuse. This issue rooted from racial profiling and brute force used by the police against civilians.

Many African-Americans have been unlawfully killed with guns and beatings because cops assume that they are armed or think they’re suspicious. But there are better ways to handling people than killing them with blinded judgment.

I feel that in order to put an end to this danger, police should be taught how to assess situations that require self-defense and how to address them accordingly, instead of pulling the trigger or resorting to violence.

Sometimes the police are being trained to be ruthless when there are more humane steps to handling suspects. It seems that the use of guns, instead of judgment, are enforced. Guns should be taught to be the last resort in out-of-control situations.

TV shows/movies, and the news influence everyone’s bias and perception about Black men and women. With this stigma, who wouldn’t think badly of us? That we are all notorious criminals? These ideas are instilled in the cops’ minds, causing them to misjudge who could be an innocent black man and maltreat him even with him cooperating.

If only the media portrayed us in a way that they portray others, we might not be subject to racial profiling.

Tying it with the Rights Approach, it’s immoral to judge anyone based on their skin color. It’s unjust to be mistreated by a system that is supposed to protect us. It is scary to think that you may not come home to your family alive because they believed that it was the right call to shoot. 

I feel that this can be resolved if police are trained to help instead of harm and if racism is destroyed.

What other solutions do you think will help eradicate police brutality all over the world?

This article is written by Steve Offixial (Originally published on ‘Nightfam (Project Nightfall Community)’

Image Courtesy – Matt Rourke/AP – Demonstrators take a knee, June 2, 2020, in Philadelphia, during a protest over the death of George Floyd

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