Axie Infinity: Scam or Legit? People have been running away from Axie for months already because of how unsustainable economics are – An Axie Infinity Gamer

Recently Nas Daily made a video about Axie Infinity Game and KOOKOO, a crypto millionaire from the Philippines.

Thomas Despin is an entrepreneur and Axie Infinity gamer who wants people to know the reality about Axie Infinity and its future. Here’s how he wants to prove Nas Daily and Axie Infinity believer wrong:

You’re 6 months late to pump this one.

People have been running away from Axie for months already because of how unsustainable economics are.

SLP and Axie (NFT) prices have been free-falling, and lots of people lost tons of money on this.

And I say this as someone who spent months building a 65,000 strong community on this game, invested 6 figures, and made decent money from it (now getting out).

It just is NOT sustainable at this stage, and I find it irresponsible from you to show up 6 months after it used to be trending,

once they are hopeless and called out constantly by their own community for being scammers,

To both promote Axie and Yield Guild Games in the same video, without an extremely clear bright warning sign.

Then again, I made good money from those (both Axie and YGG token), and you making it pump with your video, will only make me richer.

But my comment isn’t about me,

it’s about your millions of followers who will just ape in after watching your pump video, without knowing they step into a free-falling economy where most likely the “asset”
(NFT) they buy are going to depreciate over time.

But hey, you’re a smart man, during the gold rush, you’re selling picks and axes.

Too bad in this specific case you’re sending people to a dried-out mine, without telling them.

Hope the money they paid you was worth it, man.

But don’t just take my word for it, just open a graph and ask yourself: does it look like a thriving economy?

This is the SLP graph, showing the impact of constant selling pressure on a token price.

This happens because SLP has only 2 use cases:

1) being sold for fiat by millions of people who try to make a living from it

2) breeding new Axies

The ratio of SLP burnt through Axie breeding is FAR lower than the number of SLP minted (created) by players when playing.

The play-to-earn model, as sold and promoted by Axie, does NOT work in economic terms.

They will try to make some tweaks, generate speculation again, balance it…

At the end of the day, you can’t create an infinity of tokens with the main use case of being sold, and hope for it to be stable (aka to be a financial reward that makes sense compared to the financial investment).

Happy to be proven wrong.

Thomas Despin

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