If you’re not networking, you’re losing out on a lot – Ayush Wadhwa

If you’re not networking, you’re losing out on a lot.

And NO, when I say networking, I don’t mean the kind where you go and just pitch your product to a million people, it’s about having the curiosity to listen to the stories of countless others.

Ayush Wadhwa If you're not networking, you're losing out on a lot
Ayush Wadhwa with Akash Shukla, Manish Pandey, Anushree Jain, Gaurang Desai, and Digital Pratik

Meeting this amazing group (info at the bottom) was fun as well as an enriching experience. Here’s why I network:

1) You step outside your bubble

While conversing with them, I came out of my knowledge bubble and learned new things. 

Spending time with people who work in different fields gives you a new perspective and makes you realize that there are still a 1000 things one needs to learn. 

2) Unlock opportunities 

Random networking meetings can also help you unlock new opportunities that you can never plan.

Hearing about other people’s work can spark interest in you and can eventually lead to a career or job change. 

3) Networking is not equal to pitching services 

I know.  I know – whenever you see pictures like these, you might think they might be pitching their services to each other or discussing business all the time. 

That’s not true! 

We had lots of fun and never discussed any business. 
It’s okay to meet people and not discuss serious topics – it was such an enriching experience.

Ayush Wadhwa

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