Actor Diljit Dosanjh trashes Kangna Ranaut sharing his schedule after Kangna tweets ‘Diljit kitthe Aa?

After a nasty fight between Diljit and Kangna over farmer protest. On Friday, Kangna tweeted again with the hashtag #Diljit_kitthe_aa ( where is Diljit )? Kangna used the hashtag just to needle Diljit.

Kangna wrote, – “Again what I said was true, hypothetically speaking if this matter was in court today I would have been officially vindicated, next time chillar party before abusing, harassing, mocking or targeting me remember you are talking to the MOTHER 👑 of all fathers… #Diljit_Kitthe_aa”

A few days ago, Kangna had a ugly fight with him on Twitter for supporting the farmers which was being labelled by “Anti-nationals and anti film industry” and “left media” which is misleading and encouraging them.

Kangna posted two tweets with the hashtag , the second one had her schedule which she put out and ended asking. “#Diljit_kitthe_aa? Everyone is looking for him on Twitter. 

Check out “Diljit’s hilarious reply to Kangna below 

Diljit replied saying, “Subha Utha Ke GYM Laya…Fer Sara Din Kam Kita…Hun Mai Saun Lagega Haan..Ah Lao Gadh Lao MERA SCHEDULE,” read his tweet.

Broadly Translated it says, ” I woke up in the morning and went to the gym, I worked the whole day and I am about to sleep now.

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