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Samdish Bhatia launches his own Channel – Unfiltered by Samdish – Reveals Why He Left ScoopWhoop! “I Was Assaulted”

Samdish Bhatia was the main man behind the ‘Unscripted’. He is most famous as the host of the ScoopWhoop Unscripted channel and for his interviews. On January 14, Samdish Bhatia announces his departure from ScoopWhoop Unscripted.

Here’s Samdish Bhatia’s open letter to his fans.

“This is it. The time to share has come. For over 3 months now, my loved ones have helped me deal with and get over the trauma of what led to my exit from the place that I, along with my team, so passionately built.

As most of my friends know, I never really went to school, wasn’t so excited about attending lectures in college either.

The place that I really gave my all to, the place that took me in as an unpaid intern, the diffident guy fresh out of college with a stammer, and gave me the opportunity to just express myself, the place which eventually treated me with such utter disdain that this post is how I have to say goodbye and try and find some closure.

At one point, we were called Chase, then Chase by ScoopWhoop and eventually we became Scoopwhoop Unscripted. Hopefully, after all this is far away in memory, I shall look back at my stint at Scoopwhoop and maybe, just maybe, remember it fondly.

I don’t mean to paint any false images here, the written word is not my medium and hence I would urge the reader to forgive any exaggerations. The space was my home for over 6 years. And yet, I wasn’t even given the opportunity to say a proper goodbye.

This is, in a sense, my goodbye to the space that I helped create, the relationships I built there, the unfinished projects that remain in those hard disks. This is also my heart to heart with my audience – the people who have helped me grow, who for Unscripted and for me, gave the organization their hard earned money to see us succeed because they believed in us. This is me telling them – you can still believe in me.

As many of you now know, my team and I have started a channel of our own. They have been extremely supportive in this phase and we are now on the path of creating a space that we always envisioned. We hope for your continued support in our endeavor.

I have been fortunate enough in these last 3 months to have found people who gave me the strength to come out of my shell and take back control of my life. The low point that I experienced after the incident was unimaginable.

I refuse to go there again just to be able to articulate what I felt then. Let’s just say – I was down and out, did not want to work or face the camera anymore, did not want to exhibit any kind of energy and I did not see any hope of getting out of there. It is at this point that my one true partner stood up and took complete care of me. I don’t think this platform is appropriate to delve into more details about this and hence I stop the personal sharing here.

What happened? I was assaulted. I do not wish to take names in public forums. This is not my disagreement with the policy of taking names publicly. It is simply the path that I have chosen for myself for now. For me, this is about telling my truth in the way that I deem fit for myself.

After the trauma of what happened came the other traumatic experience of how the organization chose to deal with it and how they continue to do so, since they have made a clear choice to side with one of the senior most people in the organisation.

I have been infantilised, disrespected, gaslighted and till date denied my truth. There is a very big chance that they will come at me after this. Chance kya, aaengi hi. Bahut himmat aur bahut waqt laga hai iss sab ki chinta chhodh aage badhne mein. Bas apna sach aapke samaksh rakhna tha kyunki aap ko jaanne ka haq hai.

To say that it’s been a really tough time would be a gross understatement and if I know anything about the world of social media, after the world sees this, it won’t become any easier. Despite knowing this, I need to do this.

Itna hi kehna tha. This is all I needed to share. I would request everyone to treat this as my version of things for now. I will reach out myself if I need or want to share more.

Thank you, everyone!”

– Samdish Bhatia

Samdish Bhatia launches his own Channel – Unfiltered by Samdish, and the first video interview was with Kanhaiya Kumar. Cameraperson Surabhi Sundaram also left SchoopWhoop with Samdish Bhatia.

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