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Top 10 Sponsored Post Networks You Must Join Now

In 2020, I became a full-time blogger. This was possible because I make money with sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and Google AdSense.

sponsored post is one in which a blogger gets paid to promote a brand or product on their blog.

You can talk about a brand or product you love, share details on how you use a certain product or how it can benefit others, and get paid to do it.

Today in this post, I’m gonna talk about the best-sponsored post networks, the ways you can get sponsorship opportunities and how much you should charge for sponsored posts, and the rules you must follow when it comes to sponsored posting.

Learn how to get brand deals, and how to get sponsored posts opportunities to make money online.

Here are some ways to get paid to blog with sponsored post opportunities.

Let’s dive right in.

Create Profiles on Sponsored Post Networks

Making a profile on one of the sponsored post networks and influencer marketing websites is one of the easiest ways to get noticed by brands.

Don’t forget to complete your profile and make it as detailed as possible.

On sponsored post websites, they’re going to ask you what your blog is about.

You should make this as exciting, engaging, and as detailed as possible without writing a lengthy story.

For example, don’t just say, “Inuidea is a blog about online business and entrepreneurship” I’d say, “Inuidea is a blog dedicated to young hustlers and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own online business to make money online.”

In addition, many of these sponsored post networks only accept bloggers who meet certain qualifications.

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List of the Sites that Offer Sponsored Posts for Bloggers

If you are looking for sponsored post networks that can help you sell sponsored posts or with whom you could work, here are some sites that could help you get in contact.

The following are a few websites that I’m a member of and recommend using.

1. Intellifluence

Intellifluence is a popular influencer marketing platform where influencers and bloggers can fetch gigs and get paid to collaborate with brands and companies.

Simply create a profile and add your blog or channels along with the rates. You can also include specific details that will help brands connect with you.

As soon as you’ve joined, you’ll have the chance to work with brands — both paid and unpaid, depending on your preference!

At Intellifluence, all payments are backed by “The Intellifluence Promise,” which ensures you are securely paid for your work and you get sponsorship from real brands. A valid PayPal email address is required to complete the registration process and receive monetary compensation via Intellifluence Payments.

I use Intellifluence and I have collaborated with some brands and published several sponsored posts in this blog.

Website: Intellifluence

2. FlyOut is another great site for bloggers who want to earn money. allows bloggers to place sponsored posts on their blogs, and it is free to join.

The site selects people based on certain criteria. Here are a few of them:

  • Your blog should have at least 10,000 organic traffic per month.
  • The blog needs a clean and functional user interface, with all the information easily accessible to the user.
  • Your blog should be at least 6 months old.
  • Your niche should be legal.
  • Your blog must have at least 100 unique and high-quality blog posts. provides a wide variety of features and facilities that allow you to reach a wider audience. This site pays its affiliated bloggers 30 days after the end of the month.

Website: FlyOut

3. Acorn

Acorn is another sponsored post network site where you can find opportunities for sponsored blog posts and find support to build your network.

By collaborating with the right brands, Acorn enables you to build a trusted voice through authentic content. You can engage with leading national brands, create outstanding content, and earn rewards.


4. SHE Media

SHE Media has a variety of sites that are their own networks, and they are always looking for great publishers and influencers to partner with.

She Media works solely for women and promotes blogs run by women as well as women content creators. It’s one of those few sites that have earned Google Certified Publishing Partner status. Because it has a brand-safe environment, it attracts over 500 companies.

The site offers a variety of monetization opportunities, including ads, sponsored blog posts, and affiliate marketing.


5. SeedingUp

SeedingUp connects influencers and publishers with digital marketers in multiple languages and markets around the world.

In addition to offering sponsored posts for bloggers, it also offers online marketing services.

Influencers and publishers can connect with companies who sponsor bloggers in a variety of industries and languages around the world, allowing them to monetize their blogs, websites, and social profiles.


6. Blog Meets Brand

As the name implies, the site matches brands with influencers and bloggers, building a vast network and helping to promote both brands and blogs.



IZEA was founded in 2006 and has been around since then, providing a platform where you can collaborate with industry-leading brands to monetize your content, creativity, and influence.

You can create and share content across your social media accounts in exchange for compensation by connecting with brands, advertisers, and publishers.

You just have to create a free profile to get the opportunity to partner with industry-leading food, fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle brands.


8. ValuedVoice

ValuedVoice is a great platform for bloggers who want to receive paid opportunities. It is a great way to find sponsored post opportunities and a fantastic way to earn money. ValuedVoice is a great site you can work with if you have an active blog and social media profiles with quality content.


9. Real Clever

Clever was founded in 2009 and has worked for over a decade in this field. It connects social media influencers and bloggers with popular brands.

If you’re a digital storyteller who creates and shares authentic sponsored content and if you’re active on at least two social media channels on a consistent basis, then you can join Real Clever.


10. AspireIQ

The company follows an ‘Influence 2.0’ approach and ensures long-term work relations with brands and influencers. AspireIQ connects brands with influencers so that they can reach a large audience through their campaigns.


Let Brands Know You’re Open to Collaborations

Write a good ‘work with me page or design a media kit for your business to let brands and potential clients know you’re available for collaborations and why they should collaborate with you.

Also, stay active on the above 10 sponsored post networks and apply for new collaboration opportunities.

Reach out to brands

You can send cold emails to your favorite brands or as you grow your audience, you can expect cold emails from brands and collaborators out there.

Here’s my secret cold email template that you can customize and send to brands to get sponsored post opportunities.

Hi there,

I hope you’re well.

My name is Inu and I’m the founder of Inuidea, a blogger, creator, marketer, and hustler with an online following of over 10k people who are highly engaged and responsive.

Here are my social links:

@InuEtc (Everywhere)

I’ve known [brand name] for a long time now and really appreciate you guys for the quality and value which you guys offer and I’d like to inquire if you’d be open to promoting [brand name] on my blog which I feel would be a perfect fit for my audience. I will write an original SEO article or I can publish an article written by your guest author.

Kindly let me know if you’re open to this and what content I can provide for you that will assist your business.

I would be happy to open up a dialogue to discuss my general rates, your requests, or any other particulars necessary.

Here you’ll find my Work With Me page with all other important information including brands I’ve worked with, and a general overview of who I am.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Inu Etc

You become much more likely to get sponsored posts after you’ve developed partnerships with brands and worked with some sponsored post companies.

Due to my experience working with many brands, I now get emails almost daily with sponsored post opportunities.

In most cases, I turn them down, either because their brand is unfit for my blog or because their budget is not sufficient.

Is it necessary to disclose that you work with a brand?

You need to disclose at the top of a post that it is a sponsored post if you are being compensated for it or getting free products from a brand.

Check out the FTC’s endorsement guides and FAQ page regarding sponsored posting and online advertising.

If you don’t follow these guidelines you may get into trouble. Many influencers and bloggers are getting in trouble due to not clearly labeling that their Instagram post or blog post is an ad or sponsored post.

How much do sponsored posts pay? How much should you charge for sponsored posts?

While everyone has a different opinion on this, I think bloggers and influencers should never charge less than $250.

Writing a sponsored post takes time, and you have to make it engaging and relevant while also promoting a brand, and sometimes you might have to do some negotiation and a bit of back and forth with the brand or the company until you get everything right.

Definitely charge more for brands that are bigger; they take a lot more time when communicating via email since they consult with their team before taking any important steps, which is why you will encounter a lot more delays.

If they have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, you know they are a popular brand. Also, search on Google about them, if they have a strong presence on Google, you know they are a reliable and popular brand.

As a beginner blogger, you can begin with $100 to $150 and charge $50 per social media share. You should charge more if you have to create graphics and other types of content for the brand.

As your blog traffic increases and your social media fan base grows, you can charge more.

Now learn from my mistakes.

Over the past year, I have realized how much I have undervalued my work and myself as a blogger.

I was afraid to charge too much!

My fear is that I’ll be denied or told that I am not deserving of that fee if I charge too much.

The worst that can happen is they will say no.

Nevertheless, you are free to negotiate and offer them a lower price if you are comfortable communicating with the brand.

You can also wait for them to email you saying yes, they will pay the fee.

I’ve experienced this multiple times.

Basically, I’m saying that you should feel confident in who you are and what you do. Never undervalue your work or your brand. Be sure to charge for your hard work.

Now it’s your turn!

You’ve read about the ways to get sponsored post opportunities and about the top 10 sponsored post networks you must join now.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Do you have any tips to share related to sponsored posts?

Let me know in the comment section below right now.

Also, share this post with your friends and bloggers who wants to get sponsored post opportunities to make money from their blog.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I’m always available to help you.

Keep hustling.

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