We sold courses worth Rs. 13.13Cr ($1.6M) – Ankur Warikoo

From Jan-Dec ’22 we sold 13Cr worth of courses, enrolling 185,000+ new students.

From Jan-Dec ’22 we sold 13Cr worth of courses, enrolling 185,000+ new students – Ankur Warikoo

We run 4 courses currently.

1. Complete Guide to Starting up

Rs. 1,499 ($18)

37,800+ students


64% completion; 3% refund rate

Rs. 10L sales/mth ($12K)

2. Take Charge of Your Time

Rs. 399/699 ($5/$8)

208,600+ students

87% completion; 5% refund rate

Rs. 80L sales/mth ($100K)

3. How to YouTube

Rs. 1,499/1,999 ($18/$25)

5,400+ students

78% completion, 1% refund rate

Rs. 25L sales/mth ($31K)

4. How To Speak Effectively

Rs. 379 ($4)

30,700+ students

91% completion, 4% refund rate

Rs. 10L sales/mth ($12K)\

The courses are designed with 3 principles in mind.

  • 1. Cost-effective (so that students get quality education at affordable prices)
  • 2. Lifetime access (so that students pay once and reap benefits always)
  • 3. Refundable (students can claim a refund if they don’t like the course)

To achieve this scale, we use digital marketing extensively, as against relying on my distribution.

While I have an 8M social media following, it was always a conscious call to not use my content as a sales engine. Instead, use it as a trust engine.

My content helps. My ads sell.

Ads cost almost 50% of the sales, making it the biggest cost item for this biz.

On a monthly basis, we spend between Rs. 50-70L on Google/FB ($70-90K), ensuring that every single dollar returns a dollar back, for every course, every month!

Organic sales are around 15%

This generates an operating profit of Rs. 40-60L per month ($50-75K) or an annual operating profit of Rs. 5-7Cr ($600K-900K) To manage this scale, our cost of operations is surprisingly (and consciously) low.

We run a no-code operation, so software is our biggest cost line item, after digital marketing.

Human resources are designed to be lean as well. We have a core team, comprising only 5 individuals besides me.

  • GJ, who heads the biz
  • Surabhi, who manages all operations
  • Ananya, who handles all customer queries
  • Hari, who manages all tech integrations
  • Nishant, who edits all videos

For every course, we build a temporary core team comprising Curriculum designers Instructors Editors & designers Teaching Assistants They come together, work remotely, create and deliver the course, and then dissolve.

All of this makes this biz generate an EBITDA (net profit) of Rs. 3Cr ($350-400K) translating into a ~20% EBITDA Margin. This biz has the potential to be 10X its current size, with better EBITDA margins.

– Ankur Warikoo

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