Sandeep Maheshwari Vs Prakhar Gupta Controversy – My obsession with Sandeep Maheshwari lasted 4 years, but now I hate him – Sandeep Maheshwari Fan

Recently Sandeep Maheshwari uploaded a video about Prakhar Gupta “disrespecting the national flag” (according to Sandeep Maheshwari) on his second channel Sandeep Maheshwari Spirituality. Then he re-uploaded the same video on his main channel too.

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Here are some comments from Sandeep Maheshwari’s followers who support Prakhar Gupta (Prakhar Ke Pravachan) and no longer support Sandeep Maheshwari’s stupidity.


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Rather than disrespect, it was a show of respect. Prakhar Gupta carried the national flag of India with pride while Graduating in a foreign country at one of the biggest universities.

Not hiding or claiming himself behind some American identity but loudly speaking out that he’s still Indian. As for champagne… Well… Not a single drop of it spilled on the flag but by any means it’s us Indians who view alcohol in such a bad light. In F1 races champagne is sprayed over everyone when someone wins and it falls on the flags too. It’s just a matter of tradition and perspective. He didn’t commit some gross crime or anything that you had to put up such propaganda of a video. Legit it made no sense lol.

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Neither his clipping talks about gaining subscribers through controversy… I mean what did it have to do with the national flag ?? Also, that clip was cut and used out of context clearly. It’s like you are trying to shoot 5 different things but can’t even hit one with this short clip. If you want to give a proper reply on this controversy then make a proper elaborate video and give a damn reply. Rebuilt arguments one by one like the true intellectual that you are. What are these stupid games you are playing by signaling something through 30sec videos?

Paramvir Singh

What is wrong with you Sandeep sir?

Sachin Yadav

I have been following Sandeep Sir since 2016 and have inspired me to reach great heights today. Where I am it’s because of this man.

Sandeep Sir only thought us to think from the right perspective and I don’t agree with Sandeep Sir about whatever he is doing. It all is just childish.

It hurts writing all this, someone who inspired you to reach great heights, you’re to say bad things for the same person.

But I cannot, as Sandeep Sir himself has thought us to take a stand and never follow anyone blindly.

I don’t follow anybody but sure some people do inspire you to become better.

I thank Maheshwari Sir for what I am today but I cannot support his doings like these.

Orange Films

Suno, point ye nahi hai ki what Prakhar did was right or wrong, there are a lot of Pakistanis and anti-national lives in India who truly disrespects our country but Sandeep never had the guts to say anything about that neither he cares about that, the only reason Sandeep targeting Prakhar this much because Prakhar hurt his atom-sized ego.

Firstly SM uploaded this video on his small channel, but after when Prakhar made fun of SM in his Insta story Sandeep got mad and uploaded this here just to show his opponent how POWERFUL he is.



Sandeep Maheshwari Vs Prakhar Gupta Controversy reaction
Comments from Sandeep Maheshwari’s followers who support Prakhar Gupta (Prakhar Ke Pravachan) and no longer support Sandeep Maheshwari’s stupidity.

In the 2011 world cup MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli did the same thing. They took the national flag and put in on the back out of respect not because they disrespect it. Come on sir you’ve such a huge audience you know really well that you can make his channel disappear from youtube in a pinch and that’s what you are doing in the name of nationality, don’t hide behind this curtain, don’t put a veil. He represented India in one of the best universities and you’re saying that he disrespected the national flag how illogical this is. You are acting like a kid keeps on sobbing until he gets what he wants. Stop playing these childish games Sandeep Maheshwari Ji.

Enigmatic Ashu

I have been following both Sandeep sir and prakhar and to be frank I respect them both but still Idk why but ye stand national flag se jada Sandeep sir ki personal controversy ka result lag rha h bcoz bhale hi prakhar ka flag ko phen kr ghumna law k according glt ho but uski intentions pure thi…. Idk what else to say but duniya mai iske elawa bhot hi serious problems bhi chal rhi h (rapes, curruption, unemployment, pollution, climate change,and God know kya kya nahi chal rha)… apne kabhi usko seriously lekr toh is trah ki vid toh nhi dali..! well well mere kuch likhne se konsa kuch ho jayega phir v pta ni kyu likh rhi hu Apka stand lena glt nhi h sir per logo ki mentality ap ache se jante hai vo use kacha kha jayege.

My Diaries 

Are yaar… Yaha Sandeep sir aisa video post kar rhe h… Kyunki Sandeep sir Prakhar ka wo video delete karwana chahte h… Baki Sandeep sir ko flag se koi mtlb nhi tha… Par flag ka misuse ka bahana use kr ke sandeep sir prakhar ko law ke zariye darana chahte h, qki YouTube me kisi ka memes bananna to legal h aur mazak udana bhi toh usme sandeep sir law use nhi kr payenge isliye… Sandeep sir ka intension samjho sab.

Qki prakhar ko sir direct post kar ke bolenge video delete karne toh log sandeep sir ko gaali denge na… Ki bahut badi badi baatein karta tha ab dekho khud hi bacha jaise ladh rha h…

Ap bahut pro ho apna baat manwane me dusra dusra tarika se….

Thik karte the Sandeep sir jab apko apke papa marte the jab ap apni chooti behen ka baal nochte the… Qki ap hai hi ladaku... Aur dusro se apna baat manwane ke liye ap ladayi karte rehte h… By hook Or crook…

Hum apko 4 saal se follow kar rhe the… But now I hate you…

Plus ap Prakhar ka video delete karwane ke liye… Ap Prakhar ke papa mummy se request kar rhe thee.

Same mere saath hua tha… Mujhe mere allen kota ke sir ne sexually harassed kiya tha… Aur jab hum case kar diye the… To same sandeep sir apke jaise hi ritesh sir ka family log mere ghar aa kar mere papa mummy ko manipulate kar rhe the… Taki hum case wapas le le… Apko ab jab jab dekhte h na… Toh mereko ritesh sir ka yaad ata h…

Qki ritesh sir bhi mereko case wapas lene ke liye

Aisehi force kar rhe the…. Bar bar ritesh sir ka family mere ghar aa jate the.

I hate you sir… Plz papa mummy pe jana band karo…

Aur criticism sehna sikho… Ap ek role model ho… Neha kakkar ke upar bhi to sab memes banate h rone wala…

Aur apne kyu delete ki wo chees wali video? Ap khachar ho kya? Ap to sahi the na apko Hinduism pasand h simple baat khatam… Prakhar ko western pasand h bas baat khatam…

Ap bki shivani ka video dekha kariye… apka dimaag shant hoga…

Aur bi shivani ko bulayiye apne platform me… Jo apse jada gyaani h… Aur jada age ki h… Ap apne se kam kam age ke bachon ko bula kar khud ke platform me smart dikhne ka koshish karte ho?

Bade logo ko bulayiye spiritually channel pe

Pratima Kumari

Comments from Sandeep Maheshwari’s followers who support Prakhar Gupta (Prakhar Ke Pravachan) and no longer support Sandeep Maheshwari’s stupidity.

Abhi zyada ho rha hai. It’s clearly visible that you posted this out of hatred.


Bhaisab ye haame gyaan deta tha ego pe – The greatest irony

Unknown User

Sandeep Maheshwari forgot his own lesson which is intention which defines person action anyone with good knowledge can go crazy in anger that’s the example you giving now.

Shubham Arora

Sandeep Maheshwari Vs Prakhar Gupta Controversy reaction
Comments from Sandeep Maheshwari’s followers who support Prakhar Gupta (Prakhar Ke Pravachan) and no longer support Sandeep Maheshwari’s stupidity.

Aap es bande ke piche pad gye h ki ese kese bhi saja dilwai jai …

Kyoki esne meri burai ki hai…

Ya mere bare me kuch bola hai….

Ki m to bhagwan hu me kbhi galt ho hi nahi sakta

Vikash Garhwal

Here you can see some Tweets of Prakhar Gupta on this controversy, Sandeep Maheshwari, Peepoye, and Sandeep Maheshwari’s fans:

Let us know what you think about this Sandeep Maheshwari Vs Prakhar Gupta Controversy.

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