Prakhar Gupta filed a 2+ crore legal case against Shwetabh Gangwar, Sandeep Maheshwari and Peepoye

Recently YouTuber Prakhar Gupta filed a 2+ crore legal case against Shwetabh Gangwar, Sandeep Maheshwari, and Peepoye. Here you can read the community post of Prakhar Gupta and the reactions of Shwetabh Gangwar, and Sandeep Maheshwari too.

If you wanna learn more about this controversy between Sandeep Maheshwari and Prakhar Gupta, read this post: Sandeep Maheshwari apologized to Prakhar Gupta, Shwetabh Gangwar, and his YouTube audience in his community post

Prakhar Gupta

I am suing Shwetabh Gangwar because most of the allegations he made in his last video are invented. There is no surprise he gave no evidence for exactly those things. The removal of video is due process of law. I don’t care about that video being online.

Even if he is asked to remove those videos someone will upload them, that is not my concern. I am suing Shwetabh and the rest because from this point on, anything they say about me must necessarily involve proof, and he knows it, I know it, that there is no proof for it.


In the same sense, the monetary compensation mentioned is due process of law. So is including everyone involved. Ive been subject to murder threats, rape threats and all other kinds of hate thanks to these 3 people for months, when none of them has cared to be either decent, fair or substantive in their claims, and the court is the only place I trust for truth to emerge.


I am going to court in defense of my humanity, not to attack someone for anything. I feel confident enough to go to court because I know I have all the evidence, documented and filed, otherwise I wouldn’t risk it.

Latest Update: Now our legal team will file a very strong case against him (Prakhar Gupta) – Sandeep Maheshwari

The whole point is to take it away from the public, where anything can be said, however, whenever, without evidence, and damage would be done, and go to a place (the court) where that is this exact thing that doesnt work. However, with this Shwetabh has shown how much he needs public support to keep his case intact.

He is possibly breaking the only rule he shouldn’t be breaking at this time— talking in public about a sub judice matter about not saying things in public. I am fine with you hating me, but I am not fine with my narrative being dictated by people who will say anything about me at all and feel no need to provide proof to the world.

I am no longer interested in escalating this further in public, however, I will make a video once I’m back from my vacation on Monday. I will illustrate the leftovers in that video. You guys need to know a lot of missing things before you make up your mind.

In the meanwhile, I have complete faith in the judiciary and the legal system to bring justice to this matter. It would be best if the public and other creators put this to rest until then, so the court can conduct their proceedings without interference from the public and other creators.

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Shwetabh Gangwar

Shwetabh Gangwar, sandeep maheshwari, prakhar gupta- YouTube
Shwetabh Gangwar on YouTube community post

“I am suing Shwetabh…allegations made in his video are invented.”

Yes, the decider and supreme and only authority on truth and all matters true has spoken.

Wasn’t the majority of his ENTIRE argument against SM was “legal threat, high court se notice, legal notice ka darr…video delete nahi hoga…” Jab tak wo khud ko serve karta raha, tab tak bhai bolte rahe. Sher and everything.

Once i made a video on him, first thing he does is: FILE LEGAL CASE OF 2 CROREE AND DELETE VIDEOOOOS ON MEE.

“I am suing Shwetabh …anything they say about me must…”

Throughout the controversy, i did not say anything. I kept quiet. I clarified at one place where you had lied. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO COULDNT STOP TALKING. I made a video on WHAT YOU SAID. What are you on about, my guy!

“There is no proof for it.”

Yes the decider and supreme and only authority on truth and all matters true speaks again. Only he can decide what there is and isn’t. And for some strange reason he believes whatever isn’t favourable to him is WRONG AND DOESNT EXIST. AND HE IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

There is proof. Chill kar bhai, manipulate nahi.

“However with his, Shwetabh has shown how much he needs public support”

Like you did when you mentioned and couldn’t refrain from using “the legal notice” sent to you in your videos and livestreams?

I merely informed the people about your actions. In 1 sentence. Didn’t make a video. Didn’t add drama. Didn’t use emotions. Didnt write a scripted video. Didn’t even tell the fact that I have covid right now, and it was very worse health wise the day I saw your lawsuit.

But I guess you are attacking me now because maybe you didn’t want it out in the public. You wanted to sue a fellow content creator(s) for 2 crores which has never been done in youtube India’s history, wanted me to stay quiet about it, and maintain whatever image you wish to. Sorry didn’t stay hush, mate.

“I am fine with you hating me”

HORSE MANURE. Also, stop labelling people as “hating” when they are writing paragraphs explaining the shock, maybe they are disappointed. Maybe this is a very low thing that they didn’t expect from you.

“I am not fine with my narrative dictated by people who will say anything about me”


Sounds like a person who is on a powertrip.

Again, mate, YOU are the one who has been the vocal one throughout this controversy. NOT I. You are the one with the claims, the monopoly on truth, no regards for privacy, using private chats and lying about them.

Nobody took your voice away. Your platform is right there. You could have set your narrative right, remember “vaad, samvad, vivaad?” Or something like that you said! Your channel grew 50k subs, you got 1.7 million views in one video, you probably made insane money — all these benefits from doing just that, right? Doesn’t sound bad. But no. You couldn’t this time. You literally had to do what you were fighting against — legal case and deleting videos.

Don’t even try pretending anymore. “Mere exam chal rahe the….and legal threat” was your argument. I am going through the crappiest time of my life and you know it very well. Kitni sympathy Jo duniya se maang rahe the extend kari merepe? 0% Iske liye proof nahi chahiye, seedhe dimaag mein samajh aata hai.

Proofs ke naam pe manipulation tum karo, bhai.

Loved this: “I am no longer interested in escalating this further in public…I will make a video…”

Whaaa kya self-contradiction mara bhai, In short, tum log publicly kuch mat bolo, main allowed hoon lekin. *slow claps*

Choti bacchi ho kya – Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari

Joke of the century…

Ek 26 saal ke aadmi ne mujh par defamation ka case kar diya… uska ye kehna hai ki “choti bacchi ho kya” bol kar maine uska gender change kar diya!

Asli joke ye hai ki ye koi mazaak nahi hai.

Here’s another community post by Sandeep Maheshwari reacting to Prakhar Gupta:

Joke of the millennium…

Ek aadmi se maine poocha ki “Choti bachi ho kya” toh woh naraaz ho gayi aur usne mujh par 2 crore ka case file kar diya.

Now the real joke is… itna bada mazaak karne se pehle bhi “Choti bachi” ko hasi nahi aayi.

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