How to start your side hustle – Varun Agarwal

Varun Agarwal is an Indian entrepreneur and author. He has co-founded three companies and authored a national bestseller, How I Braved Anu Aunty, and Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company.

Here are his 6 tips on how to start your side hustle:

1. Understand Personal Finance. If you don’t get your Personal Finance basics right then you’ll end up losing all your side income money.

2. Develop an entrepreneurial and curiosity mindset. Unless you develop an entrepreneurial mindset you won’t be able to sustain your Side hustle.

3. Get your why right. Why do you want to make a side income? To travel? To pay your loans? To help your parents. Unless this happens your Sidehustle won’t be sustainable.

4. Choose a side hustle based on your personality and skill.

Extrovert: Teaching Workshops, Video Production, Youtuber, etc

Introvert: Online store, content writing, design, trading, etc

5. Work on building your community. Choose your platform based on your personality. If you love making videos then Instagram and if you prefer writing then – Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

6. Your community will be your first buyers and as you build and grow your community so will your side-income

Varun Agarwal

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