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While traveling have you ever experienced this feeling, of forgetting something little that you need the most in uncomfortable situations?

I have experienced it multiple times over the last 5 years and so I’ve developed this excellent checklist.

Save this post for your reference later.

📌 Electronics:

– USB cable that’s compatible with your phone
– Universal Travel adaptor
– Power Bank
– Phone charger
– Ear Pods


📌 Self-care:

– Nail cutter
– Shoe bite tape
– Mouth freshener/Mint/gum
– Mini perfume
– Safety pins
– Toothpicks
– Sunglasses
– Tissue paper

📌 Stationary

– Pen
– A photocopy of your passport, visa, insurance
– A mini notepad with important numbers (hotel reception, local friend, somebody back at home)

📌 Off the counter Medicines

– One for Loosies
– Motion sickness
– Allergies
– Burns ointment
– Ulcer ointment
– Antacid
– Anti-septic
– Cotton swabs
– Earbuds
– Sanitizer
– Insect repellent

📌 Travel safety:

– A fanny pack
– A number lock
– Extra cash
– Back up credit/debit card

📌 For flights:

– A jacket/shawl
– Neck pillow
– Eye Mask
– Lip balm
– Comb

📌For trains

– Packed food
– Mini Towel
– Mini soap
– Toilet roll
– Dental kit

📌 For Road trips

– Wet wipes
– Stand and Pee
– Snacks
– Reusable Water bottles
– Trash bag
– Window screens
– Car perfume

📌 Phone Apps:

– Google translate
– Google lens
– Offline maps of the travel location
– Local food delivery app if any (like Grab is a common option in SEA)
– Local cab calling app (like Lyft)
– All trails (for hiking routes)

📌 Right before leaving the house:

– Phone
– Wallet
– Ticket (date and time)
– Passport & visa (travel documents)
– A verbal count of the number of bags

Do you think this is a helpful list?

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