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A $100 check from the United States and the banking system in ‘Digital India’

I have no issues (although this isn’t a love letter either) with the guys from the branch. It is frustrating to deal with the slow process and problems associated with international payments even today, in the so-called “modern world”, “Digital India”.

Fuck man, I did no crime, I just received a $100 check.

21 December 2022, Wednesday

Almost a week ago, I received a $100 check from Amazon US, and I went to the bank (Axis Bank) to deposit it.

When I was talking with one of the bank employees, another guy saw my check and told me,


“The amount is 100 rupees, so you will receive 100 rupees.”


Although it was hard, I managed to control my laughter. The check clearly states, ‘One hundred dollars and thirty-three cents.’

They then told me to contact a guy who handles international transactions. He told me to go to the bank the next day because they need to arrange a few more documents to accept my check, and I’ll receive my money after 30 days.

Yes, I can wait for 30 days, no problem. The problem is that I can’t (and don’t want to) visit the bank every day while living in Digital India.

My home is about 13 kilometers away from the bank, and even if I lived inside the bank, I wouldn’t like to deal with these issues daily.

22 December 2022, Thursday

During my visit to the bank today, I spoke with three guys from the bank. After seeing my check for a while, a guy suggested I visit the Guwahati branch, which is about 100 kilometers from my house. I told the guy that the ‘international payment’ guy told me yesterday that it could be done here, and he sent some documents as well.

They told me,

“You should come on Monday. We’ll review the document now. (They still don’t know whether it’s possible.”

Yeah, I’ll visit again!

I guess that’s my only job, right?

Why so slow?

Why so pathetic?

Is this our Digital India?

Man, what’s the point of using Axis Bank when I’m getting services like SBI? Furthermore, the fees you charge for this service are also quite high. In the past, I also complained about the way you guys cheated my father. I still don’t think that matter has been resolved.

Finally, I urge the bank to educate and train its employees as soon as they are hired. In the future, I hope these issues won’t arise again.

Every time I listen to our national anthem, I get goosebumps, and every time I see something bad happening within our country, I feel sad.

Taxes are something I also pay, and I’m proud of doing it, but I always want my money to go to the right places and to the right people.

Let’s see how my visit to the bank goes on Monday. (26 December 2022)

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